Musician, Composer, Producer + Engineer

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For an example of something very current, I just wrapped up production on my first-ever official remix, for the band Lawrence! I’m really proud of this work since I took a stylistic leap to make something completely different than the original, merging some of my jazz/r&b sensibilities with harder-hitting production. The song is all about empowering women to “make a move,” so the band wanted to work with a female producer to rework the track, an idea & sentiment I also really appreciate!


While at the MIT Media Lab, I collaborated with fellow research assistant Charles Holbrow to design a method for composing dynamic polytempic computer music and develop a Max/MSP-based software implementation, Tempo Toy. This work exemplifies my more experimental side - I really wanted to see what it might sound like to have multiple parts with changing tempos going in and out of sync within a piece of music, so we made it happen!


I co-produced, engineered and played all instruments on the single below, “Somewhere” (2018), by up-and-coming singer/songwriter/producer Ariana Fay! In addition to being my life partner of ~4 years, Ariana and I collaborate on a variety of musical projects and I’ve worked closely with her to write, record and produce many of the songs on her upcoming record. This song was mixed by Angie Teo at 2nd Story Sound and mastered by Emily Lazar at The Lodge. Since moving to New York City in 2016, Ariana and I have worked to build an amazing female music team across the board. Having worked and created in mostly male-dominated spaces for our entire musical lives, we decided it was time to construct the kind of community we had been missing: one where women’s voices, ideas and skills are utilized and amplified across all aspects of the production and release processes. It has been incredibly rewarding to build this network, and I have been so proud to collaborate with each of the contributors to this song and to others that are also in the pipeline.